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How to be prepared for a wedding expo.

Imagine, one day, one location where you could essentially plan, book & order all you need for your wedding.

Thing is, you won't need to imagine it because most cities will organise a wedding expo at least once a year and all you need to do is get there!

As mentioned, it's only a day event so my tip to make the most of it & not be too overwhelmed is to go prepared. How?

  1. Create a dedicated wedding email to make it easier for you to track your wedding suppliers & info.

  2. Make a list of the suppliers you still need to book & go to the wedding expo website to see their booth numbers. Make a note of your budget for these suppliers & ask them on the day their rough cost so that you can take them off your list if they’re outside your budget.

  3. Have stickers with your name, contact, wedding date, venue, guest size (most suppliers will ask these questions to send you quotes or recommend suitable packages).

  4. If you can, bring your fiancé so you can take advantage of “on the day” promos & secure deals with your chosen suppliers.

  5. Take the time to chat to suppliers. They’re your experts that can fill in the gaps of things you’re unsure about.

  6. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the options. Make a list of your priority suppliers, take photos of their booths & save the business cards/brochures separately of your most favourite. It’ll save you going through your pile later.

  7. Go through the information asap. The sooner you debrief with your partner the better because remember, there are 1000’s of couples considering the same vendors…you don’t want to miss out.

  8. Bring snacks & drinks, if the venue allows. By doing this you cut eating & cueing time, not to mention save money.

  9. Have a large enough bag or tote to store your goodies & brochures.

  10. Dress for comfort. It'll be a big day & you'd want to be comfortable.

Let's face it, planning a wedding is tough but if you go to the right places, ask the right people & be prepared, especially by going to a wedding expo, you'll save your time, sanity & dollars.

Good luck & hope this helps.

xo Prisca

P.S I'll be attending the January Melbourne Wedding Expo on the 21st, booth 46 if you'd like to say hi!

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