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Songs for your wedding ceremony.

Music in general is an important part of our lives because it's a vehicle to communicate our thoughts, as well as our emotions. It sets a tone, stirs up emotions and shares a message with your guests, so picking the right songs is key - as is making sure they're a good fit for the ceremony you have planned.

There are a minimum of three songs that are played during your ceremony.

  1. Entrance song: when the bride/partner, together with their entourage walk down the aisle

  2. Register signing: when the wedding certificates are signed

  3. Exit song: when the couple is announced as Mr & Mrs..., husband & wife or partners for life, exiting together as a married couple for the first time down the aisle

Choosing songs can be a difficult task. You're either clueless or you have too many to choose from.

Below are helpful prompts to consider when choosing:

  1. Consider your history: do you have a love song that you both connect to, now or in the past? Together, think back - is there a song that you belt out to, always dance to or maybe your first concert?

  2. Read the lyrics: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's crucial that you read the lyrics. A prime example is "Every breath you take" by Police, commonly played at weddings is in fact about jealousy, obsession & a lost lover, as insisted by Sting himself,

  3. Choose a theme: This can be songs in the same genre, songs with a similar tempo, or songs from the same era.

  4. Think about the feeling you're trying to create: It's a no brainer that the main feeling you want to convey is "love" but do you want something calm, fun, funny or upbeat?

  5. Make it a surprise: To really personalise the ceremony, you and your partner could choose one song each & one together. Eg. One can choose the aisle song & the other, the exit. *Tip: Find a song that represents the way you feel about your partner, a tune they love or one that holds a special memory.

Selecting the right music for your wedding ceremony is important because it helps create the overall atmosphere of your event, and hopefully it will reflect the personality of you and your new spouse.

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