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Tips for writing personal vows.

Many couples like the idea of doing personal vows but don't know where to begin.

Personal vows are a great way to express how you're feeling about your special day and the love you have for your partner.

Essentially the vows are putting your feelings into words & as simple as this may sound, some find it quiet challenging.

First tip is to get into the right emotional & mental state (don't write your vows after a big day when you're feeling depleted, for obvious reasons that no one is in their right mind on days like these).

Now picture how you'd feel on your wedding day when you see your partner & remember all the beautiful memories that led you to that moment. You may also like to listen to love songs to enhance your emotions & find inspiration.

As a guideline, you may want to ask yourself the below questions:

- How I felt when we first met?

- How I knew it was forever?

- What I love about my partner?

- What makes us laugh?

- What I see in our future?

- 5 things I promise

Questions like these may trigger ideas & feelings to get you writing. Use them as a guideline only & essentially, go with the flow. From experience, the best personal vows are ones where humour meets love.

In saying this, I can appreciate that there are people who are less expressive & prefer to keep their love for their partner private, & there's nothing wrong with that. What you can do is write your vows but give it to your partner, rather than read it aloud ( an idea is before the ceremony when they're getting ready) . During the ceremony, your celebrant can express that the couple have privately shared their vows or will privately share their vows. Either way, it's beautiful for your partner to get a glimpse & immerse in the love you have for them, with an added benefit that they can keep it forever.

If you're still feeling stuck, youtube, pinterest and google can be your friend because there are countless vow examples online!

Last tip is to make sure that the length of your vows are similar to your partners. Reason being is that you wouldn't want to overshadow your partner, or vice versa. To check, you can both give your vows to a family member, friend or celebrant for their opinion.

Most importantly, enjoy the experience & don't feel like you have to complete the vows in one sitting. Come back to it, review & add as often as you like. (side note: if your vows need to be checked by someone, I suggest to have it completed at least 2 weeks before your ceremony)

Hope this helps!



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